Ultimate Guide To Plan A Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Party

June 16, 2022
ultimate guide to plan a budget-friendly baby shower party

The experience of having a child is excellent. It will soon be the ideal time for a baby shower as the bump gets rounder and rounder, and the due date draws nearer and nearer.

With the help of our cost-effective suggestions, you can organize a baby shower on a tight budget while still making a good impression. Find out how by reading on!

Where Did The Custom of Baby Showers Start?

The phrase “baby shower” is relatively new, celebrations of pregnancy and motherhood date back to ancient civilizations.

The Vedic Seemantham ceremony was observed in ancient India in honor of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. She served as the goddess of abundance, prosperity, and fortune. The manifestation of Lakshmi, pregnant women are respected and honored.

To support the baby’s development, dried fruits, sweets, and other presents were presented to them. When it’s believed that the unborn child’s ears can hear, the ceremony is carried out in the seventh month of pregnancy. A crucial component of the Seemantham ceremony is the rhythmically repeated mantras. Different variations of this rite are still observed in many parts of India today. For instance, the Godh Bharai ritual in northern India welcomes women as new moms and prays for safe and successful delivery.

The American baby boom of the 1950s gave an upsurge to modern baby shower parties. Providing the expectant mother with much-needed baby supplies was (and still is) the primary goal of the celebration. Showering the mother with love and gifts is where the term “baby shower” originated. Nowadays, many American women host opulent, professionally decorated baby showers.

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Setting Up a Baby Shower

The customary time for the baby shower party is the 25th week of pregnancy. The expecting mother’s best friend, sister, or mother typically organizes it. There are numerous things to consider. Invitations, location, and timing are just a few things to consider.

Remember To-

First, remember that no one will care how much money you spend on food and decorations while organizing a baby shower on a tight budget. The baby shower, like any celebration, is all about the particular moments that make the day unique for the pregnant mother. Keeping this in mind, organizing a budget-friendly baby shower involves more than conserving money. For instance, how do you invite everyone on the pregnant woman’s guest list?

Early on in the baby shower planning phase, set the budget. It will help in determining what the party can accomplish.

Choose a Time and Date

To decide on a time and date for the celebration, consult with the guest of honor. For example, the expectant mother has typically given a baby shower when she is around seven months pregnant. She is well into her pregnancy but probably still in good health. Additionally, she will have plenty of time to plan her shopping list for the baby’s arrival and organize gifts following the baby shower.

Create the Budget and Guest List

Set your budget after the expectant mother has provided you with the whole guest list (make sure she includes emails or addresses, too).

Choose a Location

Consider the season, the number of guests, and the budget. You won’t have to pay a charge to reserve the area if you host the shower in your living room or lawn. Consider a nearby hotel or eatery if you have a sizable guest list or a larger budget.

Send Out the Invites

About six weeks before the shower, invites should be sent out. A simple email invitation is appropriate for a storm. Use a paper invitation if you have a more formal shower.

Make a Menu and a Decor Plan

Set these things in stone around three weeks before the baby shower when planning one. Purchase decorations that won’t spoil (buy flowers the day before, for instance), and make or purchase place cards. Finalize the food to suit the tastes of the honoree. Try micro sliders, mini fried chicken, tiny bowls of potato salad, and mini cupcakes if she’s in the mood for comfort food. Mexican food enthusiasts and expecting mothers might like tacos, guacamole, salsa, and nonalcoholic margaritas. To simplify for attendees to manage the food and participate in the event, serve tiny servings.

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Create a Plan of Action

Planning a timeframe for the baby shower comes next. The majority of showers have parties’ activities, gift-opening, food, and beverages parties. The secret is to plan these activities to keep people entertained and involved. Allow visitors 15 to 20 minutes to arrive, then serve drinks as they enter. Once everyone is present, begin a task. For instance, you might want to set up a bodysuit design station or ask visitors to add their thoughts and pictures to a scrapbook for the honored guest. Next, serve refreshments while presents have unfolded, then dessert and coffee.

Choose the Party Favors

Giving your visitors a parting gift is an easy way to express gratitude for their attendance. You should keep your guests in mind while figuring out how to create a baby shower favor. For example, if many coworkers attend your party, pencil cups and paperweights are thoughtful gifts. Other moms might appreciate magnet picture frames. Also popular are scented candles, bubble baths, and soaps.


Get assistance from the parent-to-friends and family (and even the guest of honor if it’s not a surprise event), regardless of how simple or intricate you make it. Everything will come together flawlessly for a baby shower they won’t soon forget!