Top Tips On How To Beat The Summer Heat & Keep Yourself Cool

March 7, 2022
top tips on how to beat the summer heat & keep yourself cool

The increasing fault in climate is something we all are aware of. With the temperature rising as high as it is in most parts of the world, it is difficult to maintain your body temperature in the summer heat, which can have a hazardous effect on your health. Moreover, the rise in temperature can cause natural disasters such as drought which may impact the planet and living beings.

Experts believe that these heat events are not subjected to the way they should by the news channels and the newspapers, as they too are imposing a very tragic menace to their well-being.

There are severe cases in the world where people are dying because of the heatstroke in the sweltering temperatures. However, these deaths are hard to track because they are not noted as the deaths due to the heat-related issues in the death certificate, as pointed out by the Environmental Protection Agency. There were around 70,000 people killed in 2003 as the heat waves hoovered across Europe.

When adverse climate changes are acting up, it is our duty as human beings to do what we can to lessen the effects of global warming. We also have to prevent these adverse climate changes and the increasing heat from affecting our health. Here are some summer heat tips to help you beat the summer heat and keep yourself calm.

keep yourself cool in summer heat

How To Keep Yourself Cool in Summer Heat?

1. Hydration

The first and foremost thing to do in a boiling climate condition is to drink as much water as you can drink because it will help maintain the body temperature. However, as you tend to lose a lot of water when you sweat in a hot climate, do not wait to drink tons of water to maintain the water balance.

2. Put On Light Cotton Clothes

It is suggested not to wear heavyweight clothes and dark-colored in the summer heat time. As you might know, black color absorbs the most heat, which can make you feel even warmer and increase your body temperature, hence, you should wear white or light-colored clothes in summer to prevent harmful heat waves from affecting your body.

3. Use The Air Conditioning

Another thing you can do to maintain your body temperature is to use the air conditioning system. If you do not own it. We suggest you get it in your home now because the air conditioning does effectively help reduce the room temperature preventing your body from the harmful heat effects and maintaining overall health.

4. Keep The Compact Ice Packs With You

It is best to keep the compact ice packs wherever you go outside. They are easy to carry and a good measure to deal with the hot climate. Another option could be a handheld fan with a water mist that is too easily accessible to keep yourself cool in the extremely hot climate.

Apply Sunscreen To Avoid Skin Diseases

5. Apply Sunscreen To Avoid Skin Diseases

Due to extreme increases in the temperature and causes of heat effects, there is a sudden increase in skin cancer caused due to harmful UV rays. The only way to prevent yourself from such a dangerous disease as skin cancer is to apply an SPF 50++ that helps block the UV rays from reaching the skin.

What more you can do is to keep a scarf or a cap to cover your face to prevent the damage caused by the harmful UV rays wherever you go outside. This is one of the best health tips you can follow to protect yourself from the harmful heat effects.

6. Eat Spicy Food

The less commonly known fact or a health tip we can give you is to eat spicy food in the summer heat. This is because spicy food helps cool you down by increasing blood circulation, which causes you to sweat more and as we all know, sweating helps to cool down your body temperature. Thus, it is beneficial to eat more spices during the summertime.

7. Eat More Veggies

Yes, this might be a health tip that you are used to seeing on every platform related to health, fitness, and well-being. Still, it can also be included in one of the best summer heat tips as green leafy vegetables have an immense number of benefits. Green leafy vegetables have a high content of iron and calcium. Also, they have a high water range and are rich in folate, which helps you get hydration from what you eat.

Green vegetables are also lighter on your stomach, thus better digestion. Overall, green vegetables are essential when it comes to protection from extremely hot climate conditions. These measures will prevent you from the dangerous effects of extremely hot climatic conditions like heat stroke, exhaustion, cramps, or heat rash and benefit you during the summer heat time.