Fashion Industry Facts: What is Fashion and How Did It Emerge?

February 22, 2022
fashion industry facts: what is fashion and how did it emerge?

Before knowing about the fashion industry let us know about Fashion. Fashion has been with history like the history of the people has been there. People and clothing have always been together for like a thousand years. Fashion has been there since the early days of Egypt.

Clothes have always been a way of expressing people’s minds and what they think. Women’s fashion has evolved the most throughout the centuries and the style of clothing has also changed a lot. When we look back at fashion history women used to wear a lot of different clothes than what we wear.

Fashion trends have changed a lot since those days. For example, Indian women in the early days used to wear only sarees and dresses which wouldn’t show much skin. They used to cover themselves a lot and everything was handwoven.

There was nothing readymade nor were there any shopping malls or boutiques like we have now. Women also had a restriction on clothing as they were not as independent as we are now. They were not allowed to step outside if they were not covered properly.

Although we still have a patriarchal society we still have some liberty in dressing. Fashion history has changed as well as fashion tips and trends. The fashion industry didn’t even exist much in those days but people used to wear clothes inspired by the celebrities of those times.

Fashion History

The Fashion History

If we have to know about the origin of the fashion industry then we have to go back to Paris to know how this started. A person named Charles Fredrick Worth, an English designer is believed to be the first fashion designer in the world from 1826 to 1895.

He was the one who set up the first fashion house in Paris. He spread the word about fashion houses and also told his customers what to wear and what would suit them.

During this time only fashion houses rose to fame and they started to hire people who were professionals and were very good at their job. In the 20th century, new fashion trends started in Paris and from there spread to the whole world.

Any new design or style would be firstborn in Paris and from there, it goes to every part of the world. It would not be wrong to say that Paris is known as the ‘Fashion Capital’ of the world. The ‘Haute couture’ became very famous during this period which only targeted individuals.

Fashion Industry

How Did The Fashion Industry Emerge?

When people became educated and learned about different styles of clothing the Fashion industry changed and started to emerge in society. Various forms and styles of clothing were introduced for women and men both.

Western wear started to become a part of our clothing style and boundaries also broadened for the clothing style. When the styling changed the clothes also changed. A new fashion industry came into the limelight and people even started to know about fashion industry facts.

Fashion facts like we wear what we want to express, not to impress. After the automotive and technology industries clothing manufacturing is the third-largest industry.

People started to ditch traditional clothing and adopted Western wear and style of clothing. Though Western wear became more comfortable and helped in working more efficiently some people still prefer wearing traditional wear and choose traditional styling.

Fashion is known to be an art it makes people confident and stylish. Generally, women wear clothes to feel comfortable in any environment. The fashion industry is now considered a career path for many aspiring designers. It is known to be a very good career option and anyone can have a career in fashion.

Fashion now has many specializations like footwear, jewelry, lingerie, swimwear, women’s wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, bridal wear, handbags and many more. You have a lot of options to choose whatever expertise you want. Innovative platforms like Squadhelp have revolutionized the way businesses approach branding and naming strategies.

Development in the fashion industry and studies also gave rise to many other career options like hair styling, makeup, fashion journalists, fashion advisors, fashion photographers, and many other professions. The growth and emergence of fashion have now been international and not only in their specific countries.

The trade of fashion also grew with the technology in the fashion industry. Now when we see the fashion industry it has seen a significant change and is now not only limited to designing and creating a garment but is now a whole new world itself with designing, fashion, creativity, technology, and business.