10 Foods That You Should Surely Avoid Before Sleeping

April 2, 2022
10 foods that you should surely avoid before sleeping

There are many fruits, vegetables and food to avoid before bed. These food items can affect your sleep pattern and harm your sleep cycle.

When the sleep routine is disturbed, your entire day gets broken down. The sleep advice for an average human being is seven to eight hours of complete sleep without any disturbance.

There are some health tips and food items you can assume for living a more effectively healthy life.

Healthy food and a proper routine helps your body to function in a better way and prevents it from several harmful diseases.

There is much food to avoid before bed so that the health of a human being is maintained and developed. Eating unhealthy food before going to bed can also cause many diseases.

If a person follows the sleeping advice and wellness tips, they can lead a better life than others. Eating bad food and disturbing the sleep cycle will cause you problems in future. When you wake up in the morning and find yourself dizzy, the reason behind that mood is the wrong food choices you made last night.

Choosing what food you should consume before going to bed will decide the mood you will get up the next day.

What are the foods that you should not consume before bed?

Here is the list of the foods to avoid before going sleep:

1. Dark Chocolate

The presence of caffeine and amino acids in dark chocolate is not suitable for your body before sleeping. Amino acids keep you awake at night and fatigue you during the day.

Caffeine basically alerts your mind, it doubles up the level of energy in your body. Thus, dark chocolate is not a snack at night but in the afternoon.

2. Sugar

Sugar at night is the most responsible for not getting a good night’s sleep. It spikes up the energy level and does not let your brain rest. The high sugar content can disturb your sleep rather than get you to sleep.

3. Cheese

Cheese contains amino acid-tyramine, which does not let your brain sleep and keeps it awake for the entire night. This has been medically proven, thereby it is always suggested to not to have cheese before sleeping.

4. Coffee

As we all know, coffee wakes up our brain from sleep as it has a high content of caffeine in it. It keeps your brain alert and remains in your body for many hours.

This should not be taken before a few hours of sleep. The best way to have coffee at night is to imagine having a cup of coffee in your dreams.

5. Tea

It is said that some tea can be consumed before going to bed as it can calm and relax your mind.

All teas have caffeine, so it’s better not to have it before going to bed. Reducing the caffeine content before going to sleep is advised as it gives you adequate rest and you wake up fresh and active.

6. Ice Cream

We tend to have some sweet dishes before going to bed and after having dinner. Having ice cream can affect your sleep.

The sugar content in it can disrupt your sleep and keep you awake all night. Even the low-fat ones have high sugar, and they take time to digest in our body.

7. Spicy and Junk Food

These food items can give you severe heartburn throughout the night. The uneasy effect of heartburn and the lack of sleep will affect the next day’s morning and mood.

8. Red Meat or Chicken

These food items contain a high amount of animal protein which takes time to digest. Chicken or meat takes time to digest. Thereby when you sleep just after sleeping, you may feel uneasiness while sleeping.

9. Alcohol

Having a glass of red wine before going to bed will disrupt your sleep. Alcohol won’t let you sleep, if you have alcohol just before the sleep you might end up getting a destructive sleep.

The beer drinkers are affected the most as they have to wake up every two to three hours at night to pee because of the excess amount of liquid in the body.

10. Water

Having lots of water before going to bed will be a problem in having a good sleep as you have to wake up throughout the night to go to the bathroom.

Waking so many times will disturb your sleep, and you will not feel fresh after waking up the following day.

Instead of all these food items, you can have substitutes like bananas, berries, milk, walnuts, almonds, honey, cherries, granola, yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal, hummus, whole-grain toast, chamomile, ginger and honey tea for a calm and soothing mind. These food items will not harm your body and will also not disrupt your sleep cycle.

General Wellness Tips For Better Sleep:

Try not to eat heavy foods for dinner because they take time to digest. If it is very late for dinner, do not consume large meals.

Also, only coffee is not an item which contains caffeine. There are also many other food items and drinks like energy drinks and some chocolate which can harm your night’s sleep.

Also, avoid having tomatoes, soy sauce and cheeses as they have tyramine content to disrupt your sleep.